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You must specify a language using the lang HTML attribute in order to guarantee that automatic hyphenation is applied in the language of your choice. There doesn’t appear to be any other way to scan an array for recursive references, so if you need to check for them, you’ll have to use print_r() with its second parameter to capture the output and look for the word *RECURSION*. WillReturnArray(){1} . This will give «syntax error, unexpected ‘{‘ in…».Personally I use only square brackets, expect for accessing single char in string. The problem is that you have both UNIX and CMS paging the output. For example I know a lady whose name is Rainee and her name sign is RAIN.* People whose names mean common English words that are short will likely end up fingerspelled.

How can Christ help us withstand these winds and storms? •Why do we refer to Christ as our rock? This character is not rendered visibly; instead, it suggests a place where the browser might choose to break the word if necessary. In HTML, you can use ­ to insert a soft hyphen. This turns out to be a useful property. Normally it would be a two-part name where the first is either text or source and the second is the name of the language or document type. Now you want to merge the array with another array.
The biblical chronology clearly indicates that Noah was alive during the early years of Abraham’s life. In Abraham 1:19 the Lord mentioned His covenant relationship with Noah in order to teach Abraham about the covenant relationship the Lord would have with him. The Prophet Joseph Smith never communicated his method of translating these records. As with all other scriptures, a testimony of the truthfulness of these writings is primarily a matter of faith. See the array functions section for more information.

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