Hd720p vehicle dvr recorder инструкция на русском

hd720p vehicle dvr recorder инструкция на русском
Video format: Motion JPEG (MJPEG). Note: The supplied documentation says that the video format is H.264, but this is wrong. Once the recording period begins, it will be completed, but the following recording period will only begin when, once again, motion is detected. See the instructions in chapter 6. Note: The HDMI cable is not supplied.

Use buttons [UP] and [DOWN] to choose between 2, 5 and 15 minutes of video in each file. The vehicle video recorder will show the well known «USB» logo that you see here on the right. The newer version now on sale appears to have corrected many of the issues originally experienced. The charger shows a red light when in use. 2.1 — SD or SDHC card The vehicle video recorder requires an SD/MMC or an SDHC card such as the one shown on the left. Use buttons [UP] and [DOWN] to choose between «10FPS» for 10 images per second, «20FPS» for 20 images per second, and «30FPS» for 30 images per second. Figure 13 — Choice of language Language English Русский Português 繁體中文 Choose the display language of the vehicle video recorder. 7.8 — Light Freq. — National electrical frequency? In Europe, specify 50Hz. 7.9 — Version — Product version?

Many people are looking for this combination when looking for a dash cam. Press [REC/SNAP] to confirm your choice and leave the sub-menu. 7.4 — FPS — How many images per second? Figure 9 — The screen is normally below the camera Figure 10 — Suction cap detail This page is in part a translation of the leaflet provided with the product. My additional material is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Contents The Smallest HD 720p in car dash cam DVR is an interesting camera due to its small size and low price. The vehicle video recorder behaves as a computer. If it «crashes», you can reset it by pressing gently in the [RESET] hole with a pin less than 1 mm thick. millimètre. The newer camera also has a setting menu when connected to an external monitor / TV. The newer camera has the date and time in white letters in the lower left corner.

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