Carel pcoxs инструкция

carel pcoxs инструкция
Several sizes are available, based on the number and type of inputs/outputs, whether the Built-In terminal is fitted and the size of flash memory provided. Reference website: .SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is a protocol for IP networks defined by the Internet Architecture Board (IAB), in order to define commands used to exchange information between different devices over the network. Das neue Steuergerät pCO5+ garantiert außerdem die volle Kompatibilität mit den Serien pCO3 und pCO5 sowohl in der Hardware (pin-to-pin-kompatibel) als auch in der Software zum Schutz und zur Sicherung der Investitionen der CAREL-Kunden. All of these features ensure a level of excellence in responding to the needs of the HVAC/R market. Plus Backward Compatibility — pCO5+ is Pin to Pin compatible with pCO5 and pCO3 controllers. Flexibility — pCO5+ features up to 10 Universal I/O pins for maximum I/O flexibility.

The pCOWeb card has been successfully tested by BTL laboratories. Durch den neuen, CAREL-proprietären Chip auf ASIC-Technologiebasis können die universellen E/A-Kanäle unabhängig als analoge Eingänge, digitale Eingänge oder analoge Ausgänge konfiguriert werden. The plastic case with DIN rail mounting guarantees high mechanical protection of the board and reduces the risk of electrostatic discharges, as well as housing an optional built-in user interface with semi-graphical LCD and 6 buttons backlit by LEDs. The new pCO5plus also guarantees perfect compatibility with the entire range of pCO3 and pCO5 controllers, both in terms of hardware (pin to pin compatible) and software, so as to protect and guarantee CAREL customers’ investments.

Reference website: .Modbus () is the most widely-used protocol in HVAC/R, being very simple to implement in all development packages and featuring limited use of the system’s HW & SW resources. Flexibilität — pCO5+ stellt bis zu 10 universelle E/A-Kanäle für die individuelle E/A-Konfiguration bereit. Thanks to a proprietary ASIC these Universal pins can be independently configured as Analogue Input, Digital Input or Analogue Output.

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