Dji iosd mini инструкция

dji iosd mini инструкция
The side overlap is adjusted with the number of lines so that it is close to the defined overlap value. The Half resolution: Uploads half resolution images with lower .jpg compression quality. The app assumes the battery is fully charged at the beginning of the mission. All All Mission upload Verifies that the drone is connected to the app and the mission details are successfully transferred to the drone.

Introduction DJI iOSD mini is specially designed for DJI autopilot system during the FPV flight or other aero-modeling activities. It can superimpose video and OSD information in real time, to bring users more involved flight experience. Size: The larger the size the longer the flight track. Free Flight Mission The following features and buttons are available in the Map view if the Free Flight Mission is selected: Allows to set the horizontal and vertical distances between two images by sliding the values. All Version Displays the app version and the build number between parentheses.

Shows the position and orientation of the drone. Depending upon DJI’s accumulation of historic and reliable information integration technology, the iOSD Mini can grab the most accurate first-hand flight data information in the shortest possible time. Built-in Bluetooth(4.0) Working Temperature: -10â??~+50â?? Communication Distance: 50m Weight: 17g Power Consumption: 240mw([email protected]) The new firmware supports Bluetooth adjustment. Assistant Software Usage Trouble Shooting NO. What Why How to 1 Only OSD information, video signal loss. Drone speed The app computes the maximum speed the drone can have for a given overlap and flight altitude. For more information about the different missions and supported drones, or how to choose the type of mission: 209960726. The Home screen also has the following items: Mission Manager: Opens the list of completed missions with transfer options for post-flight processing.

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