Texet tb 721 hd инструкция

texet tb 721 hd инструкция
You can turn off the main zone and continue to use Zone 2. The only exception being if you’re playing an HDMI source using All Zone Stereo. Preloaded LakeVü HD Maps These highly detailed freshwater maps include 17,000+ U.S. lakes, rivers and reservoirs. And you can even engage your compatible Garmin autopilot to follow the Auto Guidance route, automatically.

Network Sharing GPSMAP 7612xsv allows you to share features with other compatible GPSMAP units, such as radar, GSD 24, GSD 25 and GSD 26 sonar modules, supplemental maps, and user data, including waypoints, routes and tracks. Better still, with enhanced Version 2.0, you now have access to even more features and capabilities. Burst Shot Hold the shutter button to take multiple shots quickly.* Self-Timer Yes Camera and Video Zoom Up to 4x Video Resolutions Up to 1920 x 1080 (1280 x 720 default)* Live Shot Take still shots while recording video. You can also get 3-D views of fish and structure in front of your boat. LIVEVÜ FORWARD Updates are provided with a single ping, providing real-time moving images of what’s in the water.

Enhanced Auto Guidance Just enter the location where you want to go and patented Garmin Auto Guidance technology instantly searches through relevant charts to create a safe virtual pathway on the display that helps you avoid low bridges, shallow water and other charted obstructions en route. Easily switch between portrait and landscape mode to accommodate mounting preferences. Along with DTS:X decoding, the AVR-S710W features DTS-HD Master Audio decoding and other DTS audio technologies. DTS:X will be enabled through a future online firmware update.

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