Инструкция buderus logomat gb-112

инструкция buderus logomat gb-112
Press the ‘Temp’ key and keep it pressed. Добавить отсутствующую инструкцию Публиковать Поделиться ссылкой на документы с друзьями и коллегами Отправить. This programme can be tailored to your personal requirements.

Calibrate the other values in the same manner. We reserve the right to make changes based on technical enhancements. Then proceed to adjust as follows: Open the cover (second operating level). Press the ‘Tag’ key (fig. 5) and keep it pressed. Let’s assume you have 15 days of holiday: in this period the room temperature should be 10 °C day and night. After approx. 10 seconds, the standard display will automatically reappear. We reserve the right to make changes based on technical enhancements. The display will change and show consecutively the day of the week with the switching times and the target room-temperature values. Turn the rotating knob until the desired time for the end of the pause is indicated, e.g. 15:30 hrs.

Turn the rotating knob until ‘MO’ for Monday is shown on the display. Buderus Heiztechnik GmbH • 12 Document guide for the ERC controller • version 12/2001 13. Product description 4 4.4.3 Third operating level The third operating level see “Third operating level” on page 13 can be accessed by opening the lower cover. Посещающие семинары проектировщики получают подробную информацию о новинках оборудования Buderus, его особенностях и базовых принципах применения в проектах.

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