Инструкция к сонару fish

инструкция к сонару fish
Connect the SP200 to Power Be sure the power cord is not connected to the SP200. Route the power cable from the SP200 location to the power source. Plus slow the read speed down for Ice mode! Read Full Review on ibobber = iawesome By LL267 on December 14, 2016 Very easy to use & was amazed it worked well!

For extreme shallow water, less than 3 feet, reduce the gain near the minimum setting. SP200/SP300 ONLY: When using the Wide 40 degree angle, you will need turn up the gain higher than when using the 20 degree angle. Leading Edge also includes a depth scale that shows greater depth detail as you zoom in, giving you a better sense of target depth. Read review on Great tool to have By Amazon Customer on January 17, 2017 Just got the iBobber and took it to the local fishing hole. Install the SP200 Transducer Externally Assemble the plastic bracket to the transducer using the hardware furnished. Do not tighten until final adjustments are made. The SonarPhone SP200 and SP300 systems with Navionics is a great option for many boaters and anglers, but it is critical to note that the SonarPhone app DOES NOT contain the Navionics charting feature. It is the Navionics app that contains SonarPhone. This screen shows a large target (a diver) approaching the boat. REALVÜ 3-D FORWARD Digitally scans the area in front of the boat, creating a forward-looking 3-D view of the bottom, structure and fish.

Wet the face of the suction cup slightly, then press it firmly against the transom of the boat. Unplug the charger from the wall outlet and disconnect from the battery. Have also had success dragging device from the kayak and accessing without using a fishing pole.

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