Thermo king ts 500 инструкция

thermo king ts 500 инструкция
CHANGING appearance and performance, Thermo King introduced its new TS-series truck units to the North American market on January 18. The three new units make use of open-drive scroll compressors for higher capacity and lower noise emissions. Thermo King projects the refrigerated straight truck market at 8,000 to 9,000 a year with additional growth potential. Open drive turns the compressor with belts from the engine instead of an electric motor inside the compressor housing. Trailer Manuals Download the PDF version of the install manual for your trailer unit from the list below. Although originally shown in Europe, the TS-series will be manufactured at the Thermo King plant in Hastings, Nebraska.

This allows the diesel engine to operate at a moderate speed and still drive the compressor at 4,000 rpm. Рекомендованные объемы кузовов даны для коэф. 0,4Вт/м2сАвтономное транспортное холодильно-обогревательное оборудование H-THERMO Размеры изотермического фургонаОбеспечиваемый температурный режимМодель оборудованияЦенаОпция обогрева фургонаДоп. Copeland Compressor The compressor used in the TS-series is a joint development with Copeland to produce a system with a horizontal open drive configuration.

New regulations will push distributors that now deliver in dry vans to purchase refrigerated trucks. The TS-500-30 weighs 1,091 lb, and the TS-500-50 with electric standby tips the scales at 1,146 lb. The only control on the unit case is a master switch. Few options will be available on the TS-series. Thermo King says multi-temps for the TS-series will be ready by the middle of 2001.

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