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Шасси[править | править вики-текст] В отличие от предшественника, у которого передняя подвеска двухрычажная, новая модели C-класса получила стойки McPherson. The toe is free to move. 4.8. To take the toe off the track: Place the toe on the A position of the position indicator. Each year, Atomic USA reviews its Binding Indemnification List. Tests are performed with a test device and a pair of specially selected reference bindings. If a boot fails, all boots from that cell are then tested. Here are support and repair resources for your printer. These bindings have been removed from 2013 Binding Indemnification List, as the bindings are beyond their useful life.

Therefore it has to be clearly understood and accepted that the adjustment chart can serve only as a state-of-the-art guideline to adjust the bindings to protect skiers from injuries, but it optimum release/ retention setting for these skiers. Fully implemented, the procedures that follow provide rental shop customers a standard of care equivalent to that provided retail shop customers under current ISO and ASTM standards. PRESEASON INSPECTION – Preseason inspections are performed on components of the release system: bindings and boots. Tighten mounting screws carefully by hand. It is advisable to hand check each screw after mounting. Models named “RACE 10.18” and “6.14” are the only models that have been produced over a period of time which allows some vintage to be on the list of indemnified bindings, and others that have been removed from the list. Therefore, skiers are warned not to use this product with any ski boots other than those meeting the standards indicated above. Документация представлена в формате Adobe PDF. В случае затруднения просмотра файлов PDF, вы можете бесплатно загрузить последнюю версию программы Adobe Reader с официального сайта Adobe.
Передняя часть кузова была позаимствована у CLK55 AMG, для того чтобы разместить восьмицилиндровый двигатель. Boots that fail and cannot be repaired are removed from inventory. INSEASON TEST – Inseason inspections are performed on complete rental systems to ensure that the equipment is adjusted appropriately and continues to function correctly. The magnitude and frequency of these deviations determines the frequency of future inspections.

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