Tester 4104 in инструкция

tester 4104 in инструкция
Set the phone # settings as follows:1. 1 GXWT1 GXWT1 password Profile 12. 2 GXWT2 GXWT2 password Profile 13. 3 GXWT3 GXWT3 password Profile 14. 4 GXWT4 GXWT4 password Profile 1Choice #2: If you want all phone lines to come in and go out on a single trunk. Generally, the GXW-4104 will send out all calls in accordance with your round-robin settings (see below), by using the highest numbered line in the round robin first. Route Name: WhateverYouWantHereDial Patterns: Here enter the patterns that you will dial to reach this trunk. Click “Start Test.”The test results should show up on the “FXO Lines” tab under AC Termination Impedence.Ten minutes later, repeat the sequence by unchecking Test 1 on Line 1 and checking Test 1 on Line 2, and then on Line 3, Line 4, etc.

These instructions are written assuming that you’ll use the GXW-4104, but the same instructions will apply to the GXW-4108.Access the GXW-4104’s web interface by typing it’s IP address into a browser on the same network. The default password is “admin” (without the quotes). NOTE: Due to firmware changes made by Grandstream since this guide was written, the options listed below have been reorganized into different locations. This device is used to charge the sample by irradiating it with air ions generated by a corona discharge, and, after irradiation has stopped, to measure the static decay curve. The GXW-4108 allows you to connect up to 8 phone lines.

The Grandstream GXW-410x devices are inexpensive devices that allow you to connect ordinary phone lines to a FreePBX/Asterisk phone system and use those phone lines to make and receive calls. You will not be able to use call waiting or three way calling from the phone company to have more than one call on a single phone line. Reboot. Log back in and go to the same page. Set Round Robin as follows:Round-Robin and/or Flexible: rr:1;rr:2;rr:3;rr:4;Choice #2: If you want all phone lines to come in and go out on a single trunk. Make the following changes:FXO Lines Tab (at top of configuration screen):FXO Termination: 7. AC Termination Impedence: (This entry comes from the FXO Line Test, above. They’re still there, but you’ll have to hunt for them.

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