Никон л120 инструкция

никон л120 инструкция
Also featured is a built-in HDMI mini connector, so you can connect your camera to a high definition HD television and view your movies at home with family and friends. The L120 uses regular Secure Digital (SD) and the faster SDHC and SDXC type memory cards. A small amount of internal memory (102MB) is built-in to the camera for taking a few extra shots in a crunch. Burgeoning photographers in search of peak image and video quality, however, will be better served by some slightly more expensive alternatives, but for the budget photographer, we think the Nikon L120 will do well enough. Hybrid VR (Sensor-shift and Electronic Vibration Reduction) Vibration Reduction) reduces the effect of camera shake and can be set simultaneously for additional protection. The on/off button rests just behind this and is very convenient to switch on and off with the thumb/for finger depending on how you hold the device. The rear button layout is standard and similar to what you’d find on most cameras.

Cables are supplied for both the USB and the Audio / Video output. Capturing action sequences is a tall order for point-and-shoot cameras. Using the Coolpix L120, you will be required to independently merge the photos using the supplied Panorama Maker 5 software. Nikon orients the Coolpix L120’s feature set around its intelligent recognition of faces, pets, red eyes, and blinking and smiling subjects. Wide: Very slight barrel distortion; hardly noticeable Tele: A tiny amount of pincushion distortion, though barely visible Geometric Distortion: There is very little barrel distortion at wide-angle (~0.1%), and almost no perceptible pincushion distortion (<0.1%) at telephoto.
The first shot was taken with anti shake turned off, the second with it turned on. Four buttons surround the ring i.e. scene select, playback, menu and delete.There is a zoom toggle on the left of the lens. The brightness of the monitor can be adjusted in 5 steps depending on viewing conditions. Nikon Coolpix L120 Camera: Design, Features and Menus The Nikon Coolpix L120 offers a fairly compact design with a comfortable hold.

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