Синтезатор ямаха psr 290 инструкция

синтезатор ямаха psr 290 инструкция
Once you’ve made all desired settings, press one of the other mode but- tons (SONG, STYLE, or VOICE). CHORUS The Chorus effect lets you enhance the sound of a voice with through the use of pitch modulation. Using an Ending section Press the INTRO/ENDING button. Page 46: Cartridge Accompaniment Styles, Selecting Cartridge Styles Cartridge Accompaniment Styles The Music Cartridge supplied with the PSR-320/420 provides an extra 8 accompaniment styles that can be used in the same way as the internal accompaniment styles.

Refer all servicing to qualified YAMAHA personnel. YAMAHA is not responsible for damage caused by improper handling or operation. You can even play two, three, or four MULTI PADS at the same time. Since specifications, equipment or options may not be the same in every locale, please check with your Yamaha dealer. Page 100 MIDI FUNCTIONS At the “Sure?” prompt, start sending the data. Page 4: Main Features Its outstanding features also make it a remarkably ex- Read this Owner’s Manual carefully while playing your new PortaTone in order to take full advantage of its various features. Page 21: Transposition Playing the PSR-320/420 Select the Effect Use the [–/NO] and [+/YES] buttons or number buttons to select the various effects (the name of the selected effect appears on the top line of the display.

These settings include: • Remote Channel • Keyboard Out • Accompaniment Out • Local Control Call up the Function mode. Page 40: Multi Pads Selecting and Playing Styles — The Style Mode Multi Pads These convenient pads let you instantly trigger various musical and rhythmic phrases as you play the PortaTone. Page 62: Chord Guide, Dictionary AUTO ACCOMPANIMENT — THE STYLE MODE CHORD GUIDE The Chord Guide functions of the PortaTone provide powerful, easy-to-use tools for learning chords and chord relationships. The sound of the voices or rhythms seems unusual or strange. The designated channels on the PSR-320/420 can be controlled by an external device and receive all the data excepting the fol- lowing control change data: Data entry, MSB, LSB Portamento control… Page 69: Specifications Specifications Keyboards: 61 standard-size keys (C1-C6) with touch response. Page 98 8), which you can then reload any time you need.

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