Инструкция на мб

инструкция на мб
Function mb_ucfirst($str, $enc = ‘utf-8’) { return mb_strtoupper(mb_substr($str, 0, 1, $enc), $enc).mb_substr($str, 1, mb_strlen($str, $enc), $enc);. Всего посетило за месяц: Всего посетило вчера: Сейчас на портале:. Thus a loop which calls mb_substr($text,$i,1) N times for all possible N values of $i, will take much longer than expected.

Each level of the recursion requires time linear in the length of the string, and there is logarithmic number of levels, so the total runtime is O(N log N), which is still more than theoretically optimal O(N), but sadly this is the best idea I’ve got.

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