Инструкция grangers footwear cleaner

инструкция grangers footwear cleaner
Dirt allows water molecules to be drawn into the face fabric, saturating or ‘wetting out’ the fabric and leading to increased levels of condensation on the inside of the garment. Тaкиe пpoпитки пpoдaются в oбычных eмкoстях разного объема с кpышкaми. Once your boots have been water-proofed they should also regularly have Active Crème rubbed or polished into them (with a brush), especially when they have had a soaking. Gentle brushing with a wire brush can freshen up the nubuck and suede that has been clogged by the wax application.

Never put boots in a washing machine because it can damage them. If you plan to waterproof your boots, do it while they’re still wet. The cleaned boots are still very “open-pored” and will soak up water even more due to the application of cleaning products. In order to “close” the leather again, an impregnating spray should first be used when they are still damp. After washing close all zippers, hang the wet garment on a hanger and spray Grangers® XT Waterproofer spray, Fibertec Blue Guard Spray-On or ReviveX® Spray-On Water Repellent evenly onto the wet face fabric of the garment. How to wash your insulated garment We strongly recommend washing your insulated jacket in a FRONT LOADING washing machine. What you’ll need for cleaning your hiking boots: A special boot brush, an old vegetable brush or toothbrush Specialized boot cleaner, saddle soap or a mild solution of dishwashing soap and water Cleaning Hiking Boot Uppers Remove laces prior to cleaning.

The photograph shows LOWA boots after hard use in open country. Stain Removal Tips To remove gum or sap from a garment, first freeze the substance with some ice, then use a dull butter knife to scrape off as much as you can. Using a hairdryer for some light heat will improve the absorption of the cream into the leather. This most commonly occurs due to the buildup of dirt and other contaminates or by the DWR being removed through normal wear.

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