Инсинератор сп-10 инструкция

инсинератор сп-10 инструкция
When the waste is naturally processed, dig up the compost and spread it as a safe fertilizer on crop fields. Thanks to Scientific American, and other sources for this important expose. Four young Nigerian women ages 14 and 15 made interesting headlines when they debuted their urine-powered generator at Maker Faire Africa in Lagos this month. Resources E4C news: A bike-powered poop pump is redefining low-cost sanitationE4C Solutions Library: Biogas Pit LatrineBiogas Cooking, NepalDomestic biogas plant, China The Caltech team poses around their hydrogen-gas producing toilet design. Hoffman and his team at Caltech showed how the toilet could store hydrogen in fuel cells as an energy source. The still uses the sun’s radiation to evaporate water from the urine, collecting the condensate on a surface, such as plastic wrap, and channeling it into a container to drink.

После изложения технических характеристик валопровода указывают сведения о примененных в нем цветных металлах и их сплавах. Photo by Vicki & Chuck Rogers / Flickr Rural Bolivia has a toilet shortage. Instead, people defecate on the open ground. To entice better use of the free toilets, Water for People is experimenting with a composting business venture. Sanergy, the organization behind the useful bicycle modification that converts it into a latrine pump, also promotes biogas production from waste collected from urban communities in developing countries. Our text, The John Zink Hamworthy Combustion Handbook, has been a top-seller since 2006 and is used by industry professionals worldwide. Our bodies make about four to eight cups (one to two liters) of urine per day, and it’s rich in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, the same elements that crops love. It’s also pretty cheap to make.

But with such scarcity, by definition toilets are strange, foreign objects, and many people there are not inclined to try them out. Image courtesy of RTI International With the last use debunked, we’d like add a final use for human waste: Fuel briquettes. John Zink Hamworthy Combustion IS THE GLOBAL AUTHORITY on emissions control and clean-air combustion systems. We even wrote the book on it. You mix the human waste with materials such as ash and yard clippings or agricultural waste.

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