Инструкция по установки асо tmd security cpk + 6001

Gas and solid explosive attacks are spreading globally, resulting in cash losses, collateral damage and most importantly a significant risk to human lives. Discover more Orders and installations in US growing fast ADK is an industry break-through! Why don’t jamming and detection anti-skimming solutions offer protection?

The new solution, CPK 6001s v2016, has a brand new design bezel and patented ‘multi-layer’ security features that not only protect against ‘Long Bezel’ skimmers but also deliver additional defenses against all skimming techniques including second generation stereo skimming and eavesdropping. This white paper is the result of the collaborative work of the ATM Skimming and Card Compromise Working Group, whose international members include financial institutions, ATM deployers and manufacturers, security technology providers and industry experts. What is the best defense for ATMs and SSTs? Replay webinar The only industry solution to Deep Insert Skimming Today’s anti-skimming solutions that use jamming technology and detection were not designed to defend against the growing global challenge of deep insert skimmers. Press release If you could not join us for the live webinar, replay here «Deep insert» skimming is a new fraud technique that has been described as the «biggest skimming threat facing the global ATM industry» — and one that the industry is not prepared for. The number of deep insert skimming incidents is rising fast and attacks are spreading from the U.K. and Europe to North America and Asia Pacific. Today’s anti-skimming solutions that use jamming or detection give no protection against these new, smart, skimming devices that sit deep inside the ATM or SST card reader, secretly capturing data from thousands of cards.
Join industry experts to discover more about deep insert skimming and the critical importance of active protection: How is deep insert different from other skimming techniques?

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