Инструкция для grandma2

инструкция для grandma2
Alternatively, after I select it I could also use the MOVE encoder wheel. In this window, you can also manually add in timecode events. I have a mark cue that I want to add in, so I’ll hit ADD HERE. This adds another timecode point at the place of your playhead. You can use this one or this one. Otherwise, no data can be received.▪ — Defines the protocol version. — Choose the correct MA-Net here [MA-Net 1 or MA-Net 2].- MA-Net 1 is used by the grandMA1 series.- MA-Net 2 is used by the grandMA2 series.▪Session ID — Defines the session you want to work in. Here’s my guitar cue. I’m going to bump that up to maybe 3 seconds and 15 frame – and when I play it back, if I don’t like it, I’ll tweak it again.

Blend modes are all out of order and there are some other issues I can’t remember off the top of my head. I have completely re-written the profiles on MA2, Hog, and Avolites Titan.It’s been brought up before, but 8bit values are really not enough for Resolume control. This isn’t actually the one I want to change, so I’m gonna select this guy, and pick my mark cue, which is 0.5. Now I’m going to change the timecode to the correct frame, which I know happens right at 1 hour. Well, other than the obvious benefits of working within our ‘preset’ and ‘tracking’ based environment, one thing that is never discussed is that by using a light desk you can control multiple Resolume servers for backup. Gobo Images jpg 28 KB Download now 15010608 ROBE Downloads Gobo-Color Config.

Again, the option you choose depends upon the needs of your show. But there are bigger issues I’ve found like trying to change possition via Artnet and having the default values of POS X be -5000 thru +5000 or whatever. Gobo Images jpg 19 KB Download now 15010239 ROBE Downloads Gobo-Color Config. Gobo Images jpg 22 KB Download now 14070174 ROBE Downloads Gobo-Color Config. Now I can see all of my different timecode stamps and which cue they trigger, and what their timecode frame actually is.

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