Door han инструкция

door han инструкция
The screws will be located on the interior side of the door. If your doorknob has screws on the cover plates, remove those to loosen the old knob. If not, look for a small slot with a metal piece on the side of the handle. Notes: (1) Lever type handles can be activated by hand, elbow or other means. Products / Opening & Closing / Manual Sliding Door Systems DORMA offers several manual door systems for various applications. Then use a clip or the key from the new doorknob to push in on the metal piece as show in the image. Heavy and hard-to-operate door leaves. 2. PLANNING PRINCIPLE To facilitate the passage of a wheelchair user through doors. 3. DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS 3.1 General Accessible doors should be so designed as to permit operation by one person in a single motion with little effort. Test the new handle to make sure it turns and locks properly.

Don’t over-tighten the screws or you’ll bind the doorknob. Power-operated doors are the best for people with disabilities. Remove the Underlying Plate Pull off the doorknob to reveal the plate below. Здравствуйте, секционные ворота стали самостоятельно закрываться после нескольких минут простоя в открытом положении.

Weather-stripping at the door bottom is preferred to thresholds. The threshold should not be more than 20 mm higher than the finished floor level. For interior doors, the minimum opening is 0.80 m when the door is open. Glazed doors should be clearly marked with a coloured band or mark placed for the benefit of all users at a height between 1.40 m and 1.60 m (fig. 2). 3.9 Kick plates Kick plates are useful in protecting the finish on the lower part of the door. Doors hinged on the wrong side, thus hindering accessibility.

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