Инструкция на дод 600

инструкция на дод 600
This occurs when the internal battery is dead. Domino has developed a unique and innovative digital cold foiling solution using the K600i, which enables conventional metallic foils to be digitally applied to label and packaging substrates including features such as variable text, security marks and graphics. The Direct USB software is only applicable for dash cams that use the Ambarella processor. Results in the reset of the date and time to its default state.

Operating at speeds up to 75m/min, the K600i digitally prints a UV curable adhesive to create the image/pattern area, foil is then laminated onto the substrate and UV cured, prior to delamination. Run the DirectUSB program and set the following parameters (highlighted in red boxes): Depending on the dash cam, select the appropriate firmware file. Click «Connect» Once the status changes to “OK”, click «Erase Flash» Wait for the process to complete Then click download Wait for the process to complete. Disconnect the USB cable from the dash cam and computer.

Connect the dash cam to the computer via the USB-cable to the computer. There are some reliability issues that we will discuss. Current Revision Date: 11/2010 DOWNLOAD THIS FORM: Choose a link below to begin downloading. SF 600.pdf — PDF Version .PDF versions of forms use Adobe Reader™. Download Adobe Reader™.

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