Инструкция на selva 9.9

инструкция на selva 9.9
The motor should be as high as possible without ventilating or loss of water pressure. They are the most common motorized method of propelling small watercraft. As well as providing propulsion, outboards provide steering control, as they are designed to pivot over their mountings and thus control the direction of thrust. The skeg also acts as a rudder when the engine is not running. Portable[edit] Small outboard motors, up to 15 horsepower or so are easily portable. These manuals pertain to models sold in the United States back to 1998. Printed copies of owner’s manuals can be purchased at Yamaha Online Technical Manual Site. При самостоятельной замене масла следует убедиться в том, что открыто нужное отверстие, так как рядом находится.

«Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.» производит подвесные лодочные моторы, начиная с 1960 года. Несоблюдение требования к маслу для редуктора обернется серьезной поломкой. Drawbacks include increased pollution, due to the high volume of unburned gasoline and oil in their exhaust, and louder noise. Tip: You can place a small level on top of the anti-ventilation plate to help you determine when to stop. Tilt engine up halfway and allow to rest for 5 minutes to thoroughly drain the oil backinto your outboard’s crankcase. With too little trim, the bow rides too low.

Doing so may result in aeration of the oil, reducing lubricity and oil pressure, and may cause eventual engine damage. The 1920s were the first high-water mark for the outboard with Evinrude, Johnson, ELTO, Atwater Lockwood and dozens of other makers in the field. Even worse, if the water intake ports on the lower unit are not sufficiently submerged, engine overheating is likely, which can result in severe damage. Впечатляющая износостойкость лодочных моторов Ямаха достигается благодаря сочетанию сплава из алюминия с дополнением из цинкового покрытия и пятислойной обработкой внешних деталей.

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