Инструкция honda hornet 600

инструкция honda hornet 600
Servicing Your Honda… Page 115 There are two classes: MA and MB. Oil conforming to the standard is labeled on the oil container. Before you ride your motorcycle for the If you must carry an extra helmet while first time, we urge you to: riding, use a commercially-available Read this owner’s manual. elastic cord, strap, or net to secure the Make sure you understand all the safety helmet to the seat. Servicing Your Honda… Page 153: Tire Replacement If you have a tire professionally repaired at a non-Honda facility, we recommend that you have the work checked by your Honda dealer. Servicing Your Honda… Page 155 Tires If you have a tire professionally replaced at a non-Honda facility, we recommend that you have the work checked by your Honda dealer. Dull, corroded chrome or Apply a high quality chrome/aluminum aluminum. polish and wipe with a non-abrasive cloth. Page 170 (like those at coin- operated car washes) can damage certain parts of your motorcycle.

Page 38 Gauges, Indicators & Displays Example If you set the subtraction trip mode and If you set the trip mileage, then reset do not travel, you will have to re-enter before completing the set distance, the the trip distance. subtraction trip mode will reset to the initial setting. Non-Honda accessories, improper modifications, and seriously hurt or killed. poor maintenance can also reduce your Follow all load limits and other safety margin. The aim of this manual is to help readers get the best from their vehicle. It provides information on routine maintenance & servicing and the tasks are described and photographed in a step-by-step sequence so that even a novice can do the work. Push down on the key and turn it to the left to the LOCK (steering lock) position. Servicing Your Honda… Page 98 EVAPORATIVE EMISSION CONTROL SYSTEM Should be serviced by your Honda dealer, unless you have the proper tools and service data and are mechanically qualified. Page 100: Maintenance Record Use the space under Notes to record anything you want to remind yourself about or mention to your dealer.

Injury from moving parts. Do not run the engine unless instructed to do so. Page 66: Luggage Tie-down Hooks Load Limits & Guidelines Your motorcycle is equipped with Luggage Tie-Down Hooks retractable luggage tie-down hooks ( ) on the underside of the seat ( ). To use the SEAT UNDERSIDE hooks, remove the seat and pull the hooks outward. Consult your your own maintenance, use only genuine Honda dealer.

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