Инструкция hc-56l-ufd

Figure 7 illustrates how the related-sequence-number is used to describe the relationship of additional information to the original and subsequent regulatory activities. Drugs and Health Products Help on accessing alternative formats, such as Portable Document Format (PDF), Microsoft Word and PowerPoint (PPT) files, can be obtained in the alternate format help section. Medical Devices Medical device regulatory transactions should be sent directly to device licensing services division.

The non-annotated and the pristine version should only be provided in Microsoft® Word 2010 format. Overuse of hyperlinks lengthens the processing of the regulatory transaction and may create confusion for the reviewers; therefore their use should be well thought out. Return to table 1 footnote c referrer Table 1 footnote d Any paper received after the date indicated will be shredded or returned at the owners expense. Return to table G-2 footnote 3 referrer Table G-2 footnote 4 Insofar as the information is also relevant for the applicant. File When replacing the original document, any appended document must be deleted.

The earlier the need is assessed, the more flexibility there will be in negotiating a time frame for delivery. The maximum email size accepted by the corporate mail server is 20 megabytes, anything larger should be sent on media. If the regulatory transaction is provided via email, a duplicate copy should not be provided by mail. Market Notification Form (also known as Drug Notification Form): as per section C.01.014.3 of the Food and Drug Regulations, companies are required to notify Health Canada of a drug being sold. Нужно было мне скинуть на нее файлы и удалить те что уже были записаны.

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