Olb-081 инструкция

olb-081 инструкция
The job Is not disturbed when the report is printed. Indicates an ATPK command. I as first character on line. Byte 21 must be 255. For device deasslgnment, must be B. For device deasslgnment, the device name to be deasslgned.

The SYS call or UTILTY are also used to specify caching for a particular file by narking the file’s UFD entry. If a new file Is to be created and accesses to It are to be cached, use the MODE values In the OPEH statement. This process continues until all oE the specified files on the input device are transferred. Reff^r to the memory status report of a display program to determine an available range o£ memory. 7M0 BUfFER SPACE AVAILABLE A small buffer Is required for the description block of an added resident library. Byte{s) 1 2-3 4-5 Meaning CHRS(9l}« the exit and set up HOHAHE code.

The resident library does not record errors in Its code In the system error log. Data neturned: Byte (a) Meaning 3-4 Internal code 5-6+ The project-programmer number located by the call 7-30 Same as passed Possible Errors! For device deasslgnment,.must be B. For user logical removal, the logical device name (In Radlx-sfl format) to be removed. Purpose — Transfer RSX type object modules from DOS magnetic tape to disk. o Translates the file Into RSX object module format. £. /AHSljpRN or /RMStPRM on the Input file speclflca-* tlon: Purpose — Translate RMS print format files to stream ASCII files. This support permits the HSTS/E systefti to communicate with any IBM system which supports the protocol. Do you want the KMC IBM protocol support (YES or MO)? KMC IBM protocol support? INOI Each KMCll can control one DOPll synchronous line interface to the 3271 host.

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