Olb-081 инструкция

olb-081 инструкция
When In the alphanunerlc mode, the interlace feature should be turned off since the use of the smooth scroll feature with the Interlace feature may cause the display to appear Jittery and difficult to read when the screen Is scrolling. Mote Specifying this switch on the output file specification produces a 7Bad Switch Value error. g, /ANSlJiM or /RHSsIM on the Input file specification: Purpose — Print map flics created by the task builder at terminals. This switch sets the output file’s run-time system name to that specified In name. If no output file Is specified, PIP renames the Input file’s run-tlmc system. Transoiit Speed Transmit speed determines how fast the characters will be sent from the terminal to the computer. The value at offset 16 (octal) In the Job’s work block. Data neturned: Byte (a) Meaning 3-4 Internal code 5-6+ The project-programmer number located by the call 7-30 Same as passed Possible Errors!

Mote that you can perform this operation on a non-compiled file. The monitor constantly updates the cache such that It contains the most recently requested data. Probable causes are: a) Further logins are disabled b) The system’s job or swap slots are (currently) full Dlscussiont The job creating the new job must be running under control of the BASIC-PLUS Run-Time System. You can not change the run-tlme system name of a compiled file to two words of zeroes. Tor device deasslgnment, must be B. Hot used For user logical removal, CHR$(255») to enable protection code removal. The specifications that you make in these bytes are dependent on the function code specified in byte 4, as follows; If byte 4 AND B%<>0%, then bytes 13 through 16 contain the new run-time system name field in Radlx-S0 format.

For fixed-length ANSI format, the value is the record length in bytes. CirnS (N») , where N% Is the internal channel number (in the range of 1 to 12) on which the file Is open. It N» is B, specify the target file by project-programmer number, filename, and extension in bytes 5 through 12. CHRSCFI), where Ft specifics the file utility function. SecureSecure how you pay and get paid, because protecting against fraud and data theft should never be something that keeps you up at night. Please specify that pack ID. Pack ID? Enter the file name of the KSX RTS patch file.

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