Инструкция toyota tercel 1996

Trim levels for the sedan were VE, VX, and VZ. The VZ is powered by a 5E-FHE engine. This is not the same as the low-range power option found in a truck or conventional SUV, as the Tercel lacks a high-range/low-range transfer case. Production of the Tercel for the American market ended in 1998 as the model was superseded by the Echo.

Production for Japan, Canada. and some other countries continued through 1999. Taiwanese production continued until 2003.[17] Facelifted Japanese market Corolla II 4WD hatchback In Paraguay and Peru, Tercels are still sold. Ваш отзыв очень важен для нас и наших посетителей. The facelift occurred in December 1997 for the Japanese market, and covered all three lines (Tercel, Corsa, Corolla II). The Tercel’s rear styling was also enhanced with redesigned composite tail-lights and updated bumper molding. With that engine the car took only 10.4 seconds from 0–60 mph. Halfshafts then extend from the transmission to the front wheels. In August 1980, the Tercel (and Corsa) underwent a facelift, with considerable changes to the front and minor ones to the interior and rear. Other improvements included revised rack-and-pinion steering and a newly designed, fully independent suspension.
Also discontinued for 1990 was the four-wheel-drive system; the Tercel was then only available with front-wheel drive. Though refreshingly frugal, long rides in a Tercel aren’t all pleasure, by any means. Unlike the previous one, it was simply called «Tercel». It was brought along the Canadian-spec Corolla to meet the new emission standard since no Latin American version of either was yet available with a catalytic converter. The new design offered a stiffer body[citation needed] with better handling and was one of only a handful of cars in the US to have OBDII in 1995. Retaining its compact packaging and high quality, the new Tercel featured a redesigned exterior and new engine. All Toyota models had revised seat fabric and door panels. Also included with better equipped four-wheel-drive models was an inclinometer above the radio and air conditioner that measures the tilt of the car.

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