Инструкция на bd-7

инструкция на bd-7
Multi-line version of Sq. Encloses its arguments in ‘typewriter’ single-quotes. The Ta macro can only be used below It in Bl -column lists. It delimits blocks representing table cells; these blocks have bodies, but no heads. Consequently, to prevent special handling and just handle it like any other argument, a delimiter can be escaped by prepending a zero-width space (‘\&’). In text lines, delimiters never need escaping, but may be used as normal punctuation. For those list types supporting it, the -width argument requests an additional indentation of item bodies, to be added to the -offset.

For the second, function calls (sections 2, 3, 9): .In header.h .Vt extern const char *global; .Ft «char *» .Fn foo «const char *src» .Ft «char *» .Fn bar «const char *src» Ordering of In, Vt, Fn, and Fo macros should follow C header-file conventions. Its syntax is as follows: .Bf [-emphasis | -literal | -symbolic | Em | Li | Sy] The -emphasis and Em argument are equivalent, as are -symbolic and Sy, and -literal and Li. Without an argument, this macro does nothing. Manually switching the font using the roff(7) ‘\f’ font escape sequences is never required. Use this for displaying source code. -ragged Change the positions of line breaks to fill each line, and left-justify the resulting block. -unfilled The same as -literal, but using the same font as for normal text, which is a variable width font if supported by the output device. This macro is also used to specify the field name of a structure.

Examples: .D1 Fl abcdefgh See also Bd and Dl. This macro is obsolete. No replacement is needed. It is ignored by mandoc(1) and groff including its arguments. It was formerly used to toggle a debugging mode. Book or journal page number of an Rs block. With over 29,000 units in the field our ReflexBlu duplicators set the standard for speed and durability. This macro may also be used in a non-bibliographical context when referring to article titles. URI of reference document.

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