Инструкция к sony xperia l

You will be taken to your new email inbox, where you should see mail arriving. In future, you can access this by tapping on Email in the Apps list. There is also the option to do it via the buttons on the phone or via the software such as PC Companion from Sony which you can find on this website. Start by setting the time you wish the alarm to sound. When you’re happy with the settings, tap Save to store and set the alarm. On the alarms screen, you will see which ones are set as their switches are green: the ones greyed out are not set.

You can Sign in to enable this, or Skip past it. (You can always set this up later on, and your Google account will offer you some similar features!) That’s almost it! When you’re ready, tap Next. A Google account is the most important account you can add to an Android device. Tap Home to go back to the home screen, or add another account. The slots are marked for ease of identification. To insert the SIM card, you will need to extract the card tray from the slot, which is easily achieved using a fingernail.
The buttons across the top of the app allow you to select ‘Alarms’, ‘World Clock’, ‘Stopwatch’ and ‘Timer’ functions. Enter a Subject for your email by tapping on that line and entering it via the keyboard. Insert the tray into the body of the phone and press it home. If you are installing a memory card, this slides directly into the correct slot in the body, with the gold-coloured contacts facing up and inserted first. Home » Hard Reset » Hard Reset Sony Xperia NEO L MT25iThe hard reset or factory reset for the Sony Xperia NEO L MT25i has been added below. This is handy if you’re using mobile internet, as large images and video can use a lot of data!

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