Snr-vp-6020 инструкция

snr-vp-6020 инструкция
Figure 3. 4-MHz Gaussian sine pulse at 1-MHz repetition rate.Example of a Sampling Clock Generator The AD783 requires a narrow positive sampling pulse with a width between 150 ns and 250 ns. This article describes a front end and probe that provide an appropriate adaptation. Figure 11. Dual-trace 2-channel matching, 10× probes, 1-MHz (a) and 50-MHz (b) 5-V p-p input square waves.The final screen shot (Figure 12) is of a 375-kHz, 5-V p-p square wave (red trace) and a 1.5-MHz 42 ns wide 5-V p-p pulse (green trace). The horizontal scale is 333 ns/division. The filter has a gain of +1 in the pass band. This filter has a pass-band gain of –1, so—if it is used—select the invert button on the scope software in order for the displayed waveform to be right-side up. Чтобы это сделать, надо зайти в Сетевые подключения.

Figure 1. 2-channel analog sampling circuit.The AD783 SHA provides a usable large-signal bandwidth up to a few megahertz. Смотрим на поле IP-адрес и адрес шлюза. В поле адрес шлюза у Вас должен отображаться тот же адрес, что и на наклейке, а в поле IP-адрес у Вас должен быть прописан адрес из той же подсети. The AD783 sampler maintains the full 5-V swing, even for these narrow 42-ns wide pulses. The four NAND gates of the 74HC00 are used to implement a one shot that makes a 200 ns sample pulse when R12 is 2.7 kΩ and C2 is 68 pF. Figure 4. Sampling clock divider circuit.IC4 is a fixed-frequency metal-can crystal oscillator. Figure 1 shows a schematic for a plug-in attachment that can be used for sampling with typical PC sound cards. It uses one AD783 high-speed sample-and-hold amplifier per oscilloscope channel. The effective horizontal time base here is 333 ns/division.

Figure 7 shows a second-order Sallen-Key filter, with a corner frequency of about 39 kHz, using standard resistance and capacitance values. Figure 7. Sallen-Key 39-kHz low-pass filter.Figure 8 shows another second-order multiple-feedback (MFB) filter with a corner frequency of about 33 kHz, using standard resistance and capacitance values. The sampling pulse must be very stable with low jitter in order for the displayed waveform to be stable without jumping back and forth.

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