Марк левинсон №390s инструкция мануал

марк левинсон №390s инструкция мануал
With SACD and DVD-A growing in stature, a pricey CD-only player is a tough sell. The entire bass region, for instance, was richer, especially from the midbass on down, and more enveloping — more plump. I wondered immediately if this was one of the reasons Doug Schneider liked this player so much. Interconnects and speaker cables were from Stereovox (SEI-600 and LSP-600), Analysis Plus (Solo Crystal Oval and Solo Crystal Oval 8), or Shunyata Research (Aries and Lyra). Power cords were Shunyata Research Anaconda Vx, Taipan, and Python.

The No.390S’s beefy remote control always hits its target — no waving the remote to get commands noticed — and the player’s LED panel is large enough to read from across the room. You can also switch the volume control completely out of the circuit. In its size, looks and functionality, the No.390S is identical to the No.39, all the better for easy upgrading, which is an option for No.39 owners. But the more I listened, the more I came to appreciate the slightly greater ease of the No.390S and increased air around performers. Overall the Audio Aero player sounds voluptuous and friendly, the two Levinson players more detailed and neutral.

Analogový signál za převodníky prochází čtyřmi cestami, každý kanál tvoří dvojice identických obvodů: jeden pro běžný a druhý pro invertovaný signál. Azur 840 C nabízí možnost porovnání upsamplingu, ale jen pro někoho. Given the close sonic characters of the No.39 and No.390S, I listened to the Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 CD player just to recalibrate my ears. First used in the No.32 Reference preamp, Arlon 25N is said to be a «superior material» that offers «superb dielectric properties.» It is also more costly than the standard glass-epoxy substrate used for most circuit boards.

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