Инструкция к browning maxus

инструкция к browning maxus
They are a lot more fun than any other action type, in my opinion. The red LEDs don’t work. I primarily need this for the white light. That hump also aids in target acquisition, providing a rear sighting plane, which Browning has now dubbed the Humpback Acquisition Advantage.

The A5 weighs more than the Maxus, but by how much is debatable, since my figures differed from Browning’s published weights. Barney says his individual gun cycles with 3/4 oz. loads! This new gun jams, darn it! It jams and jams. I’ve been around shotguns all my life, I really know shotguns.

Again, load versatility is excellent with the A5. I’ve shot everything from 1-ounce target and game loads at around 1,250 fps all the way up to 3-inch Hevi-Shot Speed Ball at an incredible 1,635 fps. However, the cutoff switch is inconveniently located on the left side of receiver near the forearm where it’s hard to reach and can dig into the leading hand if the forearm is gripped too far back. …Click for more info Seller: Cabelas Gainesville Area. Clean and dry is the way to start in most cases, using appropriate lubes only where indicated.

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