Адаптации инструкция vcds 11.11

адаптации инструкция vcds 11.11
Generic OBD-II functionality is limited to cars using ISO 9141-2 («CARB»), ISO 14230 («KWP-2000») and ISO-15765 («CAN») protocols. This function is available in all Gateways that support an Installation list: Use the [Do It!] button to save the new Soft Coding to the controller and return to the Open Controller Function screen. Some modules have outputs which can only be tested this way. The very name of this function annoyed us, so we added a twist. Главная » Диагностическое оборудование » Марочные сканеры » VCDS VAG-COM ВАСЯ диагност 17.5 (Русская версия) Пожалуйста, выберите: 3 000 руб. Use the [Cancel] button to cancel the Login and return to the Select Function Screen. 37. VCDS — 7-digit PIN/SKC — Section 16-A The 7-digit PIN/SKC (Secret Key Code) dialog is used for Key Matching and Immobilizer Adaptation.

Select from the drop-down menu to determine if, and when VCDS should automatically check for updates when the program starts. Step #7► Once you are in the Options Screen, Select the correct port for your PC’s USB Port (USB) or Serial Port (typically COM1 or COM2) and click the [Test] button. Find the “VCDS Compatible USB Interface” or similar and delete it. It may be under “Other Devices” or under “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”. Next, unplug the USB Interface from your PC, wait 5 seconds and plug it back in. However, many available Adaptation Channels are totally undocumented! Upon clicking [Perform SRI] the new values will be stored in the (often less than intuitive) sequence required.

Через 3-5 сек в поле 4 появляется Adp I.O. — значит все в порядке или n.I.O. значит не в порядке, возможно, дроссель надо поменять. (I.O. (нем)= OK, n.I.O. = Error)Процедуру можно делать сколько угодно раз, но только на чистый дроссель. Increased size of Auto-Scan logs which can be saved due to reports of cars with so many faults in various control modules that the old limit was reached, resulting in incomplete logs. rev 02/02/12 Recommended. Fuel Injectors are a common example. To activate a Fuel Injector, you must press (and in some cases release) the gas pedal. Источник нашего опыта — наша глупость.Николай ака Admin. This can make the Auto-Scan considerably faster. 11. Auto Scan cont. — Section 3-B There is a file in the VCDS directory called AutoScan.txt, which contains all of the vehicle profiles. It can be edited by simply clicking on the hyperlink above the Chassis Type selection. The «clock» will start counting when the car starts to accelerate.

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