Nikon l 120 видео инструкция

nikon l 120 видео инструкция
The highest selectable resolution is restricted to three megapixels, but you can shoot at a speed of up to 15 frames per second for up to 20 frames in a row. The maximum file size for a single movie is 4 GB and the maximum movie length per clip is 29 minutes, even when there is sufficient free space on the memory card for longer recording. These modes automatically optimize settings for popular photographic styles, effects and locations. Recording 720p (1,280 x 720) HD video in MPEG-4 and AVC H.264 format at 30 frames per second (fps), the L120’s video footage is enlivened by the camera’s long, 21x zoom lens that remains fully functional during capture. The camera’s ‘Blink Warning’ feature identifies when a subject may have blinked and signals you to retake the shot. The L120 uses regular Secure Digital (SD) and the faster SDHC and SDXC type memory cards. A small amount of internal memory (102MB) is built-in to the camera for taking a few extra shots in a crunch.

Video quality is only so-so, with soft detail. The Nikon Coolpix L120 runs on four AA type batteries. The brightness of the monitor can be adjusted in 5 steps depending on viewing conditions. Nikon’s semi-automatic setting on the L120 is not nearly as intuitive or efficient as intelligent, sweep Panorama modes available on competing models, as well as other Nikon cameras. The camera is equipped with a 3-in., approximately 921k-dot, wide viewing angle TFT LCD monitor for which a Clear Color Display has been adopted.

Flash exposures at wide-angle are treated differently by the camera; the Coolpix L120 utilizes much lower ISO sensitivities, and frequently underexposes the image. Также фотокамера имеет боковой рычажок зуммирования, плавно работающий во всем 21-кратном диапазоне. Drawbacks include autofocus difficulties in telephoto shots and limited effectiveness in low light, despite claims to the contrary by Nikon.

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