Инструкция для наклеек

инструкция для наклеек
Using both hands, put one full sheet of paper or one envelope in the manual feed slot until the front edge touches the paper feed roller. The Label Track’s Dropdown Menu can be used to name the track, move it up or down or set the font of all label text. Affix it to the outside of your package. If you aren’t using labels, then you can use tape or a packing sleeve. How To Create Labels Go to the manage section in the Woopra web app by clicking the slide-bar icon in the left-hand panel. Then Tab into the label to be removed, press Enter then DELETE or BACKSPACE. See here for an example of removing labels with their associated audio. And then you can see that, as well.

Click on the “Create New Label” button, which will open the Label Editor. Tax. Enter any tax imposed by the government or other official authority that is related to the weight and valuation charges. See Sheets: Labels. To print labels one at a time use a special label printer. A dedicated label printer costs about $150-$200. Since it uses thermal printing technology, it requires special labels made specifically for thermal printers. It plugs into the USB port and requires some installation.

Enter the origin-city airport code in the blank space provided. 2. Shipper InformationEnter your shipping information. Note that you can customize our “read manual” labels to include specific links to website URLs and/or company contact information. Label tracks can be exported as a text file and are required for splitting a long recording to separate files using Export Multiple. This can be changed to any positive number of seconds by typing in the text input box.

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