Testo 510 инструкция видео

testo 510 инструкция видео
The Testo 510i is also available in the Testo Hydronic Heating Smart Probe Set.IncludesTesto 510i Bluetooth differential pressure probe with AppHose set (Ø 0.15 in and 0.2 in) with adapter3 AAA batteriesCertificate of calibrationWarranty Information The Testo 510i comes with 2 Year Warranty. Handheld, differential pressure meter for installation and maintenance work in and around ventilation and air conditioning Need Help? Review the Testo 510 Differential Manometer Kit » data-description=»Carry out pressure difference measurements at A/C system filters or air flow measurements in ventilation ducts using a pitot static tube. Скорее всего в вашем браузере отключён JavaScript.Вы должны включить JavaScript в вашем браузере, чтобы использовать все возможности этого сайта.

Share your knowledge of this product. Be the first to write a review ». The backlit display allows the measurement values to be easily read, even in unfavourable light conditions. Testo 510 Offers The Testo 510 differential pressure meter ensures that you as an air conditioning technician are best equipped to measure pressure differences from 0 to 1.45 psi.

Readings can be displayed in Pascal over the whole measurement range. The Testo 510 PocketPro differential pressure and velocity meter is several low pressure measurement tools in one pocket-sized device. It can measure manifold pressure, total external static pressure, pressure drops across coils and filters, and air flow velocity. Измерения данным прибором могут доходить до 2-х часов. Spec Sheets Manuals Starting at $138.00 $124.20 $49.00 $44.10. Use it to measure the pressure drop across coils and filters, or in ducts and systems.

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