Инструкция обзор drawtube v2

инструкция обзор drawtube v2
This issue isn’t just ambient temp, but also the camera’s internal temps and I think the orientation can also play role, as can swapping a «warm» CF card with a cold one. Enable Mirror Lock in DSLRfocus and in the camera itself. Колбы (стаканы) для DCT встречаются прозрачные, матовые, цветные. В производстве несложно, а пользователям – приятно. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.SkySensor 2000 Motor installation for SP-type mounts. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.— GEOMA Binoculars (BG-UT)Instruction manual for hand-held Vixen binoculars. Astro-Physics also offers an optional aluminum cover that will accommodate this part, depending on your storage needs.

Iota Cassiopeiae, a wonderful triple star, looked fantastic at 225x with clean diffraction rings around all three components. Typically, the background gradient is more complicated, and therefore getting rid of it requires a higher-order polynomial. In such a case, try a poly_order of 3, 4, or higher. Also, the telescope/lens optical train may not fully illuminate the imaging chip, depending on its size, resulting in a phenomenon called vignetting, a darkening of the image toward the edges of the field.

Swing/slew the mount to the approximate location of the target. Have DSLRfocus time the capture of at least 9 Dark frames at the same ISO, same exposure time, and same inter-frame «down time» as the Lights. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.Vixen «SX» Mount Images of the Sphinx and Star Book in the field.Vixen «SX» Mount Instruction Manual Covers setup of the «SX» mount, installation of finder, flip mirror usage, Star Book configuration, alignment, object selection, Goto and LAN connection.

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