Инструкция hp t1100

инструкция hp t1100
Page 59 Roll the spindle into the feeder until you feel resistance. Page 203: Front-panel Error Messages The printhead’s warranty may be invalidated by the use of the wrong kind of ink. HP support servicesFrom installation assistance to extended warranties, HP offers a comprehensive portfolio of HP DesignJet support services to ensure you’re never on your own.Learn about HP support services. Ensure the window is closed, as a strong light source near the printer during printhead realignment can affect alignment. Find the printhead drop detector beside the stored printhead carriage.

Press the Add files button to choose the files from your computer that you want to print. The printer will use the white border for its margins and you will get a page of size equal to that which is selected in the driver. Select your printer’s name, then Close. ENWW Print and scale from Microsoft Office 105… Page 118 Select Page Setup, and choose the Paper Size you want. Если документация предназначена для сдачи в экспертизу заказчику, то используется печать в цвете. Using Autodesk Design Review In Autodesk Design Review, select File > Batch printing wizard.

Page 94: Color Management From The Front Panel Select RGB source profile: you can choose from a selection of RGB source profiles recognized by the printer. You can also check the color calibration status by using HP Easy Printer Care (Windows) or HP Printer Utility (Mac OS). You should calibrate a paper type before creating its color profile; however, you can later recalibrate without needing to recreate the color profile. При наступлении гарантийного случая принтер проверяется на предмет заправки неоригинальными чернилами и соответствия условий его эксплуатации нормам для офисной техники, включая температуру и влажность.

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